exhibitions_ elliptical illusions 2017

JDyer_and stare at your white 2009-2017 cleaner.jpg

and stare at her white, collage, 19x18cm

JDyer_she groaned 2009-2017

she groaned, collage, 19×16.5

JDyer_I remembered all 2009-2017

 I remembered all, collage, 16.5×17.5cm

Little Histories (2009-), Elliptical Illusion, EDGE Space, London, UK 2017

The project explores sexuality through language. Titles include Patience, patience, Was turningUnlike other girls, I remembered all, She wanted toAnd stare at your white, Me?Was amazed that she could, Instinctively it was notCurious rather thanHow bad?, Infatuations usually took, Giving a slowHinted at something, And the smell ofShe groaned.