exhibitions – Trophy Room, Dallas Art Fair, USA, represented by Pitt Projects, England 2014

dallas 2Jayne Dyer_Surrender 2013_webJayne Dyer_Snap 2013_webJayne Dyer_Small Furry Thing 2013_web

The Trophy Room, Dallas Art Fair, USA | Represented by PITT Projects, England 2014

Trophies have historically marked achievements in military victory, sport, cultural activity, the hunt.

Trophy rooms throughout the world contain(ed) the heads of animals killed as a register of wealth, daring, power and control – over the living (literally animals, symbolically humans).

In The Trophy Room a pair of inverted rubber antlers titled Surrender, a bronze camera titled Snap and an ambiguous pelt-like object titled Small Furry Thing alert us to environmental and species frailty associated with excessive objectification and consumerism.