exhibitions – the butterfly effect taipei 2010

The Butterfly Effect: Taipei, Australian Commerce and Industry Office Gallery, Taipei 2010

The Butterfly Effect: Taipei, Zhong Xiao Dun Hua District, Taipei 2010. Installation in abandoned 1970’s apartment. 14,000  laminated paper milkweed butterflies and salvaged household items usually found in 1970’s apartments.

Taiwan is colloquially referred to as the Butterfly Kingdom. Every spring a section of the major north-south freeway is cordoned off as one million+ butterflies begin a 400km migration to breeding  grounds in the north of the island. At its peak 11,500 purple milkweed butterflies per minute cross the freeway. Few species of butterflies undertake such a major journey to breed.

Project funded by Fubon Art Foundation, Taiwan and the Australian Commerce and Industry Office, Taipei.