exhibitions – last things 2016


Last things 2016, Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre, UK

Exhibition developed in collaboration with British artist Wayne Warren


Last Things

These are the last things, she wrote. One day they will disappear and never come back. (Paul Auster, In the Country of Last Things, 1987, p1)

In the Country of Last Things Paul Auster presents a world where architecture and space constantly vanish, preventing individuals from building their own identity relative to the space they inhabit. An arena where matter is scarce and what is available is regurgitated until it becomes unrecognizable or depleted.

Last things at the Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre documents fictional spaces about to disappear. The gallery attains a state of estrangement linked to the memory and the intimacy of that which is no longer possible, its visual impact both familiar and distant. Last things parallels yet flips Foucault’s heterotopic space, where perceptions intersect, and the phantasmagoric, enchanting and passionate reach a point in which the alteration of reality becomes the narrative plot. A space of otherness which is neither here nor there.

The exhibition evades immediate categorisation, Instead it is a narrator of stories or planner of enigmas. In purest Auster terms viewers are asked to construct their own narratives in the two gallery rooms.

In this nothing is more simple and logical, but at the same time nothing is more complicated.

Jayne Dyer 2016