exhibitions – fishing with explosives avalanche art space, massachusetts, us 2020

Fishing with explosives, Avalanche Art Space, Massachusetts, US 2020

Fishing with explosives, a text and image based video, considers the complex issues of nationhood, identity and belonging.

The weight of precedent, consensus, economies, opinion, compliance, citizenship, coalitions, statistics, autocracy, expediency, nationhood, orthodoxy, circumspection, my fatherland, evidence, labour, absolutism, patriotism, humanity, systems, democracy, free markets, protocols, sovereignty, consumption, order, surveillance, of hierarchies, diplomacy, territory, alliances, culture, law, policy, mandates, legislation, entitlement, resources, negotiation, consequences, statutes, commerce, crisis, excuse, solutions, control, allegiance, family, bureaucracy, exchange, percentages, change, hardwiring, scarcity, strategies, my motherland, indicators, evasion, loyalty, expansion, boundaries, opportunism, histories, survival, escape, honour, borders, belonging, duty, my ignorance, noise.