exhibitions – and then we dream sounds of peace taiwan 2011

And then we dream, Sounds of Peace, ROC Centennial Peace Day, Kinmen Island Memorial Peace Park, Taiwan 2011

Curator Su Yao Hua

Eleven Taiwanese and international artists and performers participated in the national event Centennial Sounds of Peace, at the Memorial Park Hu Lan Memorial Museum and military bunkers on Kinmen Island, Taiwan. The event was organised by the Taiwanese Government in recognition of the Republic of China (Taiwan) 100 years independence from Mainland China.

During the China Civil War in 1949 Mainland China unsuccessfully fought to take control of  Kinmen, strategically located in the Taiwan Straits. The island still bears evidence of the conflict with much of it’s land and coastline off-limits – littered with unexploded bombs. My installation, sited in a military bunker used by the Taiwanese army to defend the island, offered a place to contemplate the still contested identity of the island. Media: 400 suspended books and periodicals donated by local residents, LED text and then we dream, red florescent tubes.

The project, funded by the ROC Centenary Foundation included an artist residency to produce and install work in site.